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What exactly is a freight forwarder?

Whether your business is only moving its product within the country it originates from, or to an overseas destination, there is always a lot of documentation and logistics to consider.. There are so many regulations you can’t avoid especially if your product is classified as hazmat or over sized..  Choosing and pricing the freighting method can be time consuming for any business and that is one reason it is important to choose a trusted freight forwarder with a lot of experience in ocean freight.

SHIPHAUS has the experience, knowledge, and customer service reputation to give you confidence when you choose us to handle your ocean freight.   We advise you on the quickest, fastest and most cost-effective way of transferring your freight to your overseas customers and clients.  Ocean freight forwarding can be combined with  other methods of transportation after or before the freight is loaded onto the cargo ship. This covers freight on cargo ships as well as trucks by road, air freight and goods by rail. Our established relationships with freight carriers enables us to get your freight on the move with a costing calculated based on cost, speed and reliability.  

Why use our Ocean Freight Shipping Services?

Our experience as specialists in ocean freight forwarding means we offer reliable shipping at competitive rates. If your load is to be delivered off a major shipping route we can transfer it to a local shipping company from the nearest large port. We can help you with all your international ocean transportation needs so you don’t need to keep an employee on your payroll to do the job.

There is quite a large amount of documentation that needs completing including Bills of Lading, arranging payment to the selected shipping company, undertaking risk assessment and management on your load, arranging the appropriate insurance, arranging warehouse storage if necessary once the freight has been unloaded and needs to be placed somewhere before being distributed by another form of transport. Other services include preparing the documentation for the customs once the load has arrived at the wharf. We not only specialise in Full Container Loads (FCL) but Less-than-Container Loads (LCL) too.

We handle logistics

When freight is being transported around the world, regulations and customs rules change from time to time. Our experienced agents ensure they keep up-to-date with any change in regulations so that your freight isn’t delayed in port. If you are required to pay a bond on your freight until all taxes, duties and fees owed are paid to the respective country’s tax office we make the process simple and cost effective so that you are relieved of this sometimes worrisome burden.

Dedicated customer service

Our customer service is second to none and we ensure you are allocated the same person to handle your freight requirements.

We don’t conceal the identity of our dedicated staff and you will never talk to a robot when you make a telephone call. We have two main officers that will be dedicated to you; one is an operation account manager, while the other will be one of our logistics account executives. Our staff members work as a team and are available 24/7 to offer customers like you the service you deserve and pay for.

The account executive will assemble the best logistics personalised to match your freight requirement while your personal account manager will be responsible for ensuring your freight whether it’s being exported or imported leaves and arrives at its final destination without any interruptions.  

Cargo insurance

It’s a necessity to be covered by marine insurance when using ocean shipping, just in case a ship sinks or is damaged by another vessel while at sea or in port. There are occasions at sea in rough conditions containers are lost overboard. We arrange cargo insurance that covers for any damage or loss wherever it is. Once your cargo has left the port either by truck, rail or air it’s no longer covered by marine insurance but we ensure that the appropriate land cargo insurance is provided for you at competitive rates.

International payment methods

Paying your freight forwarder has never been easier and we ensure your payments are processed in a timely manner. There are a variety of international payment options available including direct bank deposits, credit cards and international money transfers.

Shipment tracking devices

Businesses don’t transport freight around the globe without a purpose and timely delivery of goods is essential so that they can keep their customers happy.  We ensure your freight is tracked using the most up-to-date satellite tracking devices. You will be able to access via the internet exactly where your container or freight is at any given time. Most tracking services provide real time data on where ships and their freight are at any moment of time. You can even spot any delays if your container is held up in a port for a longer time than expected.

Additional freight forwarding methods

Most freight, whether it’s being put onto a ship or off loaded, will need another type of transport to either bring it to the port or take it on to its next destination.

Road freight

Our freight forwarders arrange delivery and pick-up services with the most appropriate truck available for the size of your load. We can get your freight to any destination whether it’s close or far away from the port. We can arrange the transfer of your goods from container to truck or we can organise a suitable container truck service. Nothing is too big or small for us to handle.

Air freight

If you have a customer who needs a product in a hurry the best and fastest way to get it to them is using air cargo. We can assess your needs and arrange air services to suit your product whether large or small. This includes arranging on your behalf door to door shipments.

Rail freight

You may think there are few rail freight services these days but they are still many major routes linking shipping ports with customers. We can arrange efficient shipment of vehicles, container movement, transporting of coal and minerals in open wagons and even heavy equipment.

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