Intermodal Freight Forwarding

SHIPHAUS does not only offer air and ocean freight services; but we also a have an elaborate domestic network providing rail and road freight services. The rail and road network in North America is quite elaborate and thus we are able to ship different kinds of cargo across the continent using road and rail.

What is intermodal freight services?

Intermodal freight services are one of the most convenient freight services offered by SHIPHAUS. Intermodal freight service simply means shipping of cargo by two or more means of transport such as road and rail. In most cases, cargo is loaded onto trucks which transport the cargo to a railway loading dock where the cargo is loaded and shipped by rail, and then lastly the cargo is unloaded and loaded onto a truck which transports it to its final destination. Many intermodal freight companies also use ocean freight services to compliment other forms of transport and this is also intermodal freight service.

Our Services include:

Containers/ freight cars

We offer containers or freight cars for intermodal freight services. These standard sized containers can be loaded on a flat-bed truck or on the flat bed train and transported to any part of the country. This is the most common cargo loading method with available container sizes being the twenty feet long and forty feet long containers. The major advantage of using containers is ease of handling as there are specialized types of equipment for quick loading and unloading of the containers. Containers or freight cars are also secure and efficiently protects goods from damage.

Drop trailers

We also have drop trailers which are convenient for handling bulk cargo. Cargo can be loaded onto the drop trailer then transported to the sea port for shipping to the next port where it is loaded to another drop trailer and transported to its final destination.

Border to border freight services

Border to border freight services covers all domestic freight requirements. We are able to ship cargo within the American borders moving from one end of the country to the next. While offering this service, we mainly utilize rail and road transportation for efficiency.

Cross-border freight services

Apart from serving your domestic shipment needs, we also offer cross-border freight services. This service involves the movement of cargo from one country to another; crossing the border. With our elaborate network across North America and the world at large, we are capable of handling and transporting any kind of cargo to any part of the world. Our elaborate cross-border freight service is very efficient and convenient for you.

Advantages of using SHIPHAUS’ intermodal freight services

There are many advantages of using our intermodal freight services. We have gone the extra step to ensure that you will have a memorable shipping experience when shipping with us. Some of the benefits that our customers enjoy include:

Easy tracking

While many intermodal freight companies do not emphasize on the importance of freight tracking, we understand that the security of our client’s goods is paramount and thus we have made it very easy for you to track your goods. We offer real-time freight tracking. With the simple use of a smartphone you can easily get the location of your goods at any time. This way, we are also able to give accurate updates on the status of the freight at any given time.

Reduced handling

One of the main challenges of intermodal freight services is multiple handling of goods at different ports and this increases the possibility of damage. However, worry not because here at SHIPHAUS; our main aim is always to reduce handling as much as possible when changing from one mode of transport to another. This way we are able to minimize the risk of damaging cargo and thus you can always be sure that your goods will be delivered safe and sound, no matter how many transport modes have been used.

Access to remote locations

We offer intermodal freight services to be able to get our customers’ shipments to the exact location that they desire. Switching between different types of transportation allows us to be able to access even the most remote destinations for goods.

Get in touch with us

The quality of our intermodal freight services is unmatched. We have years of experience and adequate capacity to deal with multiple and different kinds of shipment. We are committed to excellence and we offer the best services in this industry. All that you have to do to enjoy our services is to get in touch with us and we shall give you a quote for any freight service needed.

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