Ground Freight Forwarding

Ground freights are a relative cheap and efficient, suitable for large cargos that are not time-critical. Under normal circumstances, ground freight companies will take between one and ten days to ship cargo by road. SHIPHAUS is one such ground freight forwarder offering ground freight services across the country and even across borders.

Our Services

We offer modern, customized ground freight services in North America. We have established a network of local offices in various different states, so that we can serve you efficiently. This way, we are able to get to where your cargo is; in good time and ship it to any place that you want. Our large range of services covers the following areas:

Full truckload freight

This service covers large shipments that fill a truck or several trucks. We have an adequate number of trucks to ship your cargo to popular destinations across North America and beyond. Whether you are a commercial or residential shipper, we shall be able to serve you adequately with our full truckload freight service.

Special equipment freight services

We also offer shipping services for special equipment such as large agricultural machinery, hazardous material, complex equipment, oversized and fragile equipment among others. We understand all the challenges involved in shipping such cargo and that is why we have come up with a number of creative solutions to ensure that special equipment freight services runs as smooth as possible.

Refrigerated trucks

There are a few ground freight expeditors who can ship perishables. However, at SHIPHAUS, we have gone ahead to procure a good number of refrigerated trucks for your specialized needs. In most cases, people and companies would prefer to use air freight services to ship perishables, but the perishables need to be shipped by road to and from the airport and we have refrigerated trucks for these tasks.

Less than full truckload freight services

You don’t have to ship a full truckload with us. We also offer less than full truckload freight services. This service is tailored in a special way to cover all types of cargo and also all kinds of customers. Furthermore, we guarantee safety and timely delivery of cargo at all times.

Our Support

It is our duty to ensure that you get all the support needed when shipping with us. We have, therefore, set up a system that is able to capture all customer needs and offer quick and effective solutions. Our support services include:

Personalized services

We offer personalized services to all our customers. We know that each one of our customers has special kinds of needs and therefore we are always willing to go out of our way just to ensure that these needs are catered for. All what you need to do is to get in touch with us and we shall find a custom solution for your kind of need.

Insured shipment

Security and safety of cargo are some of the challenges and risks that all ground freight forwarders experience. However, here at SHIPHAUS we have tried to minimise the risk as much as possible. One of the things that we do in order to reduce the risk is offering real-time monitoring of the shipment via GPS tracking. At any given time, we shall be able to accurately locate the cargo and know its status. Secondly, all our ground freights are insured. This is done as a precaution so that you can avoid losses in case anything happens to the shipment while on transit.

Industry Leaders

SHIPHAUS is the one stop shop when it comes to matters freight; whether domestic or international. We have experience of more than ten years and established a network covering over 99 countries. This way, we are always ahead of the pack and we set industry standards. Our ground freight services are the most developed among our competitors and thus we know that we have all what it takes to offer you the best services within and across borders. We also offer very competitive rates without compromising on the quality of our services. Our customer care services are available whenever you need them no matter the time of the day or night. So, don’t think about anything else when thinking of matters shipping, call us today and get a quote for ground freight services!

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