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Air freight is fast, efficient and suitable for the ever-changing business world. Today, the needs and requirements of customers change at an instant and in so doing, companies and businesses have to keep up with the ever-changing customer demands. As a business person or company, one of the most essential things that you require is a partner who will be able to take care of your shipping needs in a blink of an eye. Air freight forwarders come in handy when in need of shipping goods whether as part of other goods in a cargo plane or as specialized cargo on its own.

Why Us?

There are quite a number of air freight companies in North America but none beats SHIPHAUS when it comes to efficient networks. We have offices globally in over 99 countries and thus we shall be able to ship your goods even to the most remote regions of the world. The international air freight services that we offer are the best based on the experience that we have been able to acquire over the years. We are also domestic air freight forwarders shipping cargo across various states in the US. Our number one priority is always to make sure that the customers get the best services possible and at the end of the day you go home satisfied. For these reasons, our services are based on the following aspects:

Time critical/expedited freight services

The main reason why most of our customers would choose air freight forwarding over other forms of transportation is the time factor. Thus, for time-critical cargo, we expedite our shipping services to ensure that your cargo is loaded onto the next flight out, thus ensuring same day delivery of cargo. A good number of the time-critical cargos contain perishables and thus, we have special handling equipment such as refrigerated containers to ensure that the perishables stay in good shape throughout the flight.

Competitive rates

Excellent air freight services are often accompanied by high costs, but that is not the case at SHIPHAUS. In as much as we offer the best to our customers, we go the extra mile to ensure that we stay competitive. This way, we try our level best to get the best of both ends ensuring that our customers get the best deal at the end of the day.

Real-time cargo tracking

There is nothing more satisfying than having knowledge of where your cargo is at all times. When shipping with us; you can always check the location of your cargo in real-time. This goes a long way in ensuring the security of the freight as well as giving you the peace of mind knowing that all is well at all times. Furthermore, all air freights by SHIPHAUS are insured.

Excellent, 24/7 customer care service

SHIPHAUS has been growing exponentially for over a decade and we owe it all to our esteemed customers. We understand the critical role that the customers play in our business and that is why we endeavour to give the best to our customers at all times. We offer 24-hour customer care services on all days of the week. We shall always be ready to listen to your requests and offer the best kind of assistance, in the fastest way possible.

Get the right services for your specific needs

Each customer is special to us and we, therefore, give special customized services to each of our customers. We have come up with a range of services to ensure that all your needs are catered for. These services include:

Next departing flight

This is expedited air freight services. Once you get in touch with us and request for this service, we shall ensure that your cargo is loaded onto the next departing flight so that it can reach its destination in the shortest time possible.

Overnight Air Freight

This kind of service is suitable for cargo that needs to reach its destination the following day and if possible during the day. This way, we are able to fly the cargo overnight so that it reaches its destination in no more than 12hrs.

24hrs Air Freight services

At times, an air freight might land at various destinations before reaching its final destination. This is especially so for international air freight that has to be shipped through various countries. Hence, we offer 24-hour air freight services that guarantee arrival of your cargo within 24hours after the cargo has been loaded onto the plane.

Custom Air Freight Services

Apart from the above, specialized services, we are still flexible enough and will be willing to offer custom air freight services on request. This service also caters for special kinds of cargo that would require special attention.

Our Commitment

Here at SHIPHAUS, our greatest objective has been customer satisfaction. We, therefore, commit ourselves to ensure customer satisfaction by offering premium quality services to each and every customer.

Get a Quote Today

When in need of air freight services; whether domestic or international, look no further than SHIPHAUS. Get in touch with us to get a quote today!

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