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Whatever industry you happen to be in there is most likely a trade show of some sort that you can participate in. When you participate in one of these trade shows you depend on the shipping company to get your promotional products, display, booth, or exhibit to the destination in tact and on time. At SHIPHAUS we take care of the logistics to make sure your freight is well taken care of and arrives at the trade show on time.

Why Use SHIPHAUS for Trade Show Shipping?

Our team is experienced in coordinating the schedules and logistics of freight from all over the world.  We can handle shipments that need to be shipped by land, ocean, air, or rail. We develop the most efficient and practical shipment plan for your exact needs.  The paperwork and documentation is all handled by our team of freight forwarding experts. SHIPHAUS is a great choice because we offer:

  • Experience shipping high value goods
  • Intermodal freight forwarding services (ground, air, ocean, rail)
  • Warehousing solutions
  • Domestic and International Logistics
  • Tracking services
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Expedited services

Shipping for INPEX (Invention and New Product Exposition)

The largest invention trade show in America held in Pittsburgh every year requires a lot of rare and expensive equipment to get shipped every year.  Inventors from all over the world need products shipped into Pittsburgh. Our domestic and International freight forwarding services get these items delivered in perfect condition and on time.

Shipping for the Great American Beer Festival

Another great trade show is the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO. This event is held every fall and craft breweries from all over the United States have to ship their equipment and beer to the convention center. We handle the requirements and logistics for shipping the the product which can have particular requirements. Not only do the brewers need their display and booths shipped but they need a lot of product shipped. The brewers typically have bottles and kegs that need to be refrigerated. Let our experienced and knowledgeable logistics team handle handle these shipments.

More Trade Show Industries

Those are just a couple of major trade shows and our team is capable of handling the freight shipping requirement for any industry including but not limited to:

  • Wine festivals
  • Technology shows
  • Arts and crafts
  • Food shows
  • Home & Garden shows
  • Automotive shows

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