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Shipping high-value goods can cause stress and confusion among many; that is, with the risks; the paperwork and logistics. It doesn’t need to be this way, and choosing a trusted and quality shipping company is the first step in the right direction. High-value goods may be sensitive or fragile and therefore you need a shipping company that not only pays attention to detail but also has the right equipment to handle any product you send their way. SHIPHAUS offers you all these qualities and at very competitive prices and we guarantee you that you will find value in our shipping services.

What are considered high-value goods?

When one hears of high-value goods, their imagination shoots to high priced paintings and diamond jewelry. As much as they are not wrong about those being high value, the term “high-value goods” in the shipping includes way more than that. In fact, any product that is worth more than $100 per pound falls under the category of high value. The owner of an item with such a mammoth price tag will want to keep it in person while traveling but other factors may hinder that. What if the item is too large? What of security issues? What if you are sending such high-value cargo to another person? That is where we come in and deliver your product with its integrity intact.

Things to think about when shipping high-value goods

High-value goods are an expensive lot and you can’t just drop them at the next shipping company before doing some deliberations. The probability of loss or damage should be analyzed as well as prices and timelines. With the increase in high-value goods theft, taking a look at the authenticity of the shipping company is not unheard of. Some of the key factors to mule over as you think about shipping your high-value goods are listed below.

Cargo Insurance

It is imperative that you ensure your cargo is insured against such risks as natural calamities, fire or other disasters. The first step is knowing the exact value of your item, a task which Shiphaus can help by providing certified appraisers. When obtaining your insurance, make sure you base it on the expense of replacement in addition to its fair market value, as this will leave you adequately covered. Ask if the shipping company has coverage limits or certain rules about certain products. The shipping will probably go down without incident but it never hurts to be insured.

Tracking Services

You may have decided to ship your cargo without travelling yourself. With your prized possession out of your reach, you may be losing your mind unable to wait for its arrival time. Well, with the advancement in technology, it is possible to track your item from the minute of its departure till it docks. You just need to make sure the dispatch worker has contact with the satellite tracking so that he/she can give you real-time updates. With Shiphaus cargo tracking, you will be able to obtain details such as speed and direction of the package.

Packing Methods

Packing methods are the ways in which your product will be brought to its storage position for shipment. You need to find a company with the right equipment for handling your kind of good without fluking and risking damage. A company with experience will know what equipment or apparatus is needed without going with trial and error.

Shipping Methods

This is simply where you prefer your package to be transported through; water, air or ground? Some large companies offer all modes of shipping, giving the customer an array of options.

  1. Ground Freight – also known as road freight, ground freight is used for small sized or medium sized cargos and mostly within the confines of a country’s boundaries. Large trucks take care of this kind of transportation which is sometimes used to deliver goods to an ocean freight or air freight vessel.
  2. Ocean Freight – this mode of shipping is budget friendly to businesses looking to transport their goods overseas. It has the marked advantage of transporting goods of any size, weight and shape. Its only drawback is speed, as it can take months for cargo to reach its destination.
  3. Air Freight – air freight offers a quick and convenient cargo transport. It is an ideal shipping method if your cargo is not so bulky and you seek to have it delivered quickly.
  4. Rail Freight – rail transport is convenient for bulk transportation and is usually paired with road transportation.

Storage Methods

Your high-value cargo needs to arrive at its destination safe and free from damage. This can only be achieved by contracting a shipping company that has the ability to handle your type of item. Be it a fragile item, perishable or one that is temperature or humidity sensitive, the right kind of storage is required. There is a variety of storage methods to capture all items, and they may see the use of steel or nylon strapping for fastening. Wood has been a popular packing and storage aid for centuries and offers a real alternative, while advancement in technology has seen airbags which can inflate to secure a package. A good shipping company will inform you of all storage alternatives before helping you make the best choice.

Reputation of Shipper / Freight Forwarder

In addition to ensuring your cargo is safe from damage, you need to ask yourself if it safe from loss.  Choose a shipping company with laid down procedures on how your item will be received, authenticated to avoid fraud and handed back to you. It will be a big advantage if the company has a history of delivering goods as well as it says it does. A company with a history of misplaced goods or damaged goods due to poor storage is probably not a good choice.

SHIPHAUS is guaranteed to surpass all your requirements and expectations. We provide high-quality shipping services and our prices are very competitive. Your high-value goods will be in safe hands!

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