Freight Forwarding for Manufacturing Industries

Domestic and International Shipping Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

In today’s global marketplace goods for all types  manufacturing industries are transported between virtually every place in the world, whether it’s a small community in Fiji, or a major metropolis like Hong Kong. The sorts of goods transported may include anything from heavy equipment used in the road building or mining industry, electrical and furniture products for the home and computers that are now spread far and wide. All these items need to be transported safely and with care taken in the way they are packed.

As global freight forwarders for the manufacturing industry we ensure that all containers and crates used appropriately equipped to ship products and goods world-wide.  The last thing your client or customer wants to find is broken, damaged, or spoiled goods.. SHIPHAUS considers the size, weight, type of transport, fragility of the products and the final destination to determine how to ship the contents safely and securely. Our relationships with carriers from around the world allow us to choose the right ones. We offer a Cargo Insurance package that also gives our clients peace of mind.

Efficient Global Shipping Logistics

Freight forwarding for these manufacturing industries is all about the efficiency of logistics including  the efficient management of the freight so that a cost effective arrangement can be offered to clients. Other logistical services offered include customs clearance of the freight for both exports and imports whether the goods are to be sent by sea, land or air. Ships, trucks or planes are never prepared to wait so any documentation needs to be well prepared in advance of the shipment date. This documentation is done for you. Other important logistics that need to be considered include efficient freight bill issuance and payment, what the routing of the freight will be to ensure minimal disruption to the client and notification of the status of the shipment when it’s in progress.

Manufacturing Industries We Serve

Furniture and Fixtures Industry

With the global growth of industries all businesses need their outlets and headquarters to be fitted with quality furniture and fittings and they need to arrive safely in one piece when they are ordered. This includes shelves, lockers, office furniture including both wood and plastic products, partitions, wall panelling and reception and sales counters, custom made luxury furniture for the management offices and so on. In order to arrive at their destination in mint condition our global freight forwarders for manufacturers ensures they are packed into containers with care and the correct lining to ensure no damage is done in transit.

Fabricated Metal Industry

The fabricated metal industry is vast in industrialized nations where buildings are going up all the time. It includes metal structural frames used in the first stage of constructing buildings, hand railings for stairs in buildings and metal parts for heavy equipment like cranes and bulldozers. All these different components are carefully protected before shipping for manufacturing industry so that their customers find them in perfect condition on delivery and free of rust.

Primary Metal Industry

The primary metal industry is vast and it involves the smelting, refining of both nonferrous and ferrous metals from pig, ore and scrap. The output from the smelting and refining typically ends up as ingots which are then used in drawing, rolling and extruding in order to make strip, sheet, bar , wire or rod. When it’s in its molten form it might be made into castings and simple metal products. We freight all these products efficiently so that they are good to use by the industries requiring them. Some products are transported to factories for further processing while others are transported as the end product to the client.

Industrial and Commercial Machinery Industry

Included in this area are the manufacturing of turbines and engines. garden and farm machinery; mining, construction, oil field machinery, elevators, hoists & cranes, monorails, and tractors and trucks used in the industrial environment, metalworking machinery, all-purpose industrial machinery; computer equipment, office machinery, refrigeration and machinery used in the service industry. There are so many different products that they need specially organized freight forwarding for manufacturing companies that need them to meet their requirements.

Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries

There are other manufacturing industries we cater for and these include the manufactured products for the aerospace industry, the film production equipment industry and equipment manufactured for the healthcare industry.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Our global freight forwarders for manufacturers offer unbeatable customer service by rolling out the red carpet for all of their clients regardless of the value of their business. They take time to get to know customers and ensure that they are happy with the service offered. If there is any negative feedback it’s not just fobbed off but it’s addressed immediately so it won’t happen again. This sort of service leads the client to recommend the company to others which typically grows business.

One of the commonest problems with modern businesses today is that most of them want to use cost effective measures to reduce time and save money. This often makes the customer’s experience difficult and frustrating. We don’t keep shunting our customers from one company representative to another as we ensure you only deal with someone who can meet your demands without hesitating. We know customers want to do business with us in the least stressful way so we keep our communication open, flexible and to the point. That’s how our freight forwarding for manufacturing companies works.

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