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Most of the items from the Bio-science and healthcare industry are delicate and require specialized care during transportation. The bigger challenge in shipping such goods, however, lies in the regulations and laws governing their transportation, sale and distribution.

For a company to be able to successfully ship goods from this industry, it needs to have a deep understanding of the technical and compliance matters in addition to the governmental regulations. This includes being in possession of specialized equipment for packing as well as temperature, humidity and pressure sustaining equipment for the storage during transportation. Not many companies will be able to satisfy these conditions, and even fewer will be able to safely deliver your goods to their destination, but Shiphaus will.

We ship globally for the Bio-Science and Healthcare Industry

The world is a global village, all thanks to the internet connection and technological advancement. As much as emails and memos can be sent around the globe in a few milliseconds doesn’t mean it is so easy when it comes to physical goods. The strain quadruples when it comes to bio-science and healthcare goods – what with the special needs and regulations.

To avoid the stress, you need to find a shipping company with certified ability to deliver; and that is Shiphaus. We will make your global shipping conundrum appear as simple as sending an email. Our specialized services will deliver right to your doorstep. Whatever corner of the world you are interested in sending your healthcare goods to, we will deliver.  

Cost-effective shipping solutions for pharmaceutical companies

When a shipping company offers you high-quality shipping, then you are in good hands. But if you can find a company that not only gives you the high-quality service you deserve but also does it in a cost-effective way, then you are in the best hands. Bio-science and healthcare products are expensive enough without having to incur another fortune shipping them, and that is why we strive to give you competitive prices.

It doesn’t matter if there is a shipping crisis going on or any disruptive force, our prices will remain the same. We believe in serving the customer right without taking advantage of any situation. Our customers come back to us over and over - and even refer their colleagues to us- because they are guaranteed value for their money.

Doctors, hospitals, and patients depend on us

During our years working as a shipment company, we have shipped very delicate healthcare goods, but we always delivered on time. Our reputation as a company that always delivers has seen many hospitals put their complete faith in us, entrusting us with their most prized possessions. We understand what it means to be your shipping lifeline, and we deliver emergency goods as fast and reliable as ever.

The importance of what we do – delivering health care goods – cannot be overstated. Doctors depend on us to deliver on time so that they can keep their appointments. In some cases, even the lives of patients depend on how fast we deliver the goods and hence failure is not an option. With this kind of importance, we leave nothing to chance and always take every shipment very seriously.

We get your freight delivered on-time

When we tell you that your order will arrive at a certain time, be assured that it will. Delays and excuses are not our way of work and we strive to have your shipment at its destination sooner rather than later. Efficiency is always key in such a sensitive and important sector, and to ensure this, we have based our services on the following principles:

•    Relationships with carriers – our excellent relationship with carriers not only ensure fast and uncomplicated delivery but also help reduce the price.

•    Experienced logistics team – our team has had years to perfect on their logistics handling prowess and will offer you the best service in the market. In the healthcare industry, we provide logistics in medical supplies and devices, machines, pharmacies and marketing logistics.

Peace of Mind with Cargo Insurance

No matter how much detail is put into a shipment, there is always the possibility of loss due to reasons beyond human control. Natural calamities, accidents and even terrorism can all be reasons that cause loss or damage to property on transit. Therefore there is need to properly insure your goods. We have decided to go a step further and offer insurance at very competitive prices.

There is no need to let your cargo go into transit without insurance and worry all the way about what might happen. We advise that you insure your cargo with the all-risk cover which we provide as it covers your goods against physical loss resulting from any external cause. You can contact us for a list of available covers for your cargo.

Unbeatable Experience and Customer Service

When choosing a shipping company for your bio-medical and healthcare goods, you need a company with a proven track record. You should go for a company that has years of experience and success shipping similar goods globally. This ensures that a safe and successful delivery is guaranteed. If you are looking for such a company, then you are in the right place.

We have been providing shipping services for not just healthcare and bio-medical goods, but other sensitive goods for years. Our experience is unsurpassed, and hence you can expect quality service and safe shipping using the appropriate equipment. Our customer care representatives will provide you with excellent service always; it doesn’t matter if you are inquiring, placing a shipping order or checking on the progress of your cargo. Our services are professional as our shipping know-how is diverse.

Our team communicates

We pride ourselves on our communication and thorough detail checks. Our team will answer any questions you may have and settle any misgivings that may be lingering in your mind. We are never too busy for you and help will be offered at your request. We will call to confirm all the details before the shipping and keep in touch with you throughout thereafter until your package reaches its destination. We also offer real-time GPS tracking of goods and thus, you can always monitor the progress of your shipment.

For all your bio-medical and healthcare goods shipping only trust SHIPHAUS to deliver them to any part of the globe, and at an affordable price.

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