Shipping for Film Production

The filming of movies and TV shows usually takes place in different locales, with some productions even spanning several continents. With the hustle already associated with the shoot, you don’t need added stress when it comes to shipping your equipment and props. You should not have to work with a shipping company that is always making mistakes, including hidden costs or causing delays hence wasting your time and affecting your reputation. Choose a company that has an existing reputation for shipping for the film and movie industry and has superior logistics handling.

We have spent years mastering the factors surrounding shipping and logistics in the film and movie industry and we have worked successfully with some of the biggest names in the industry. Our on-time delivery of time-sensitive goods, as well as correct handling of fragile goods, has further extended our reputation as the best.

Unique Film Industry Shipping Requirements

The film and movie industry has unique requirements when it comes to shipping and these requirements cannot be met by your ordinary Shipping and Logistics Company. Only an experienced freight forwarder can understand and fulfill the needs which include the following:

Special Handling Equipment

If you have worked in the film and movie industry you will know how fragile some of the shooting equipment can be. Some are extremely bulky while others – like cranes – can be a total headache to ship. Each of these cargos requires specialized equipment for not just shipping but for the initial packing. It takes time to gather all the required equipment and many shipping companies will lack some of the vital ones. You can however completely count on us to have every specialized handling and storage equipment.

Time Sensitivity

Have a time-sensitive shoot and just can’t afford a delay? Don’t take any chances- just go for the best. We don’t have to tell you the potential repercussions of a late filming cargo delivery: what with there being a strict schedule? And the actors and actresses on the clock and on your back? Delays in the shooting may even affect the scheduled release date and end up costing the entire franchise a lot of money and embarrassment. Choose a company that has a reputation for delivering on time for your peace of mind. We handle time-critical shipping rushes and emergency shipping to shooting destinations worldwide.

Familiarity with international shipping regulations

This consideration applies to companies that have to go across the county’s borders for its shooting needs. Every country will have different regulations concerning shipping as well as shooting and partnering with a company that has experience with international shipping regulations will ensure expedited clearances.

Shipping to Film & Movie Sets World Wide

The emerging trend has seen film productions increasingly go global, with simultaneous shoots in different parts of the world. With the shooting sets constantly changing, you need a reliable global logistics partner who will always transport your cargo. We can take your cargo to wherever you need it, combining different shipping modes to achieve what is needed.

International transportation is a complex service and needs to be handled delicately. A successful shipping company needs to acknowledge and negotiate the various moving parts that include custom regulation, security and legal consideration. Knowing the global shipping challenges, appropriate shipping methods and international regulations and using gained experience to navigate them will lead to a safe and cost-effective transportation.

Our Shipping Modes

The choice of a shipping mode is made with one eye on the shipping expenses and the other on time requirements. The choice will also be influenced by the distance to the destination as well as quantity and size of the cargo.

Ground Freight

This is most suitable for transportation within a single country. With the US’ extensive road network, it is a common freight method for shoots within the country. It is also used in conjunction with the other shipping alternatives as none are as available as roads are. It is reliable, fast and cost-effective. Only bad weather and traffic delays can affect them.

Air Freight

This is the freight mode you choose for filming cargo with short lead times and emergency filming cargo. It is very fast although it comes at a higher cost compared to all the other shipping modes.

Ocean Freight

This mode of freight is utilized when the filming cargo needs to be transported to another country. It is an economical means that can accommodate all cargo shapes, weights and sizes. We offer less than container load and full container load options so as to cater for all. With ocean freight, customers can enjoy pricing advantages due to volume and season. It is, however, a slow shipping mode and is suitable for cargo having long lead times.

Rail Freight

Rail shipping offers a fast and convenient means of transporting a large volume of cargo as well as bulky ones. Intermodal transport has almost become synonymous with the coupling of rail and road freights since rails depots are not located everywhere.


There are many shipping companies out there, but what makes us stand out from the competition?

Customer Service Commitment

Our commitment to customer service summaries the degree of service our customers can expect from us. It pinpoints service principles that guide us in our efforts to exceed your needs and expectations. Our commitment helps us maintain the service culture that has always wowed customers.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Cargo Insurance

Even with the highest degree of caution, it is possible to incur loss or damage of cargo. This can be due to uncontrollable factors such as natural disasters or fires. We, therefore, advocate for insurance cover for your cargo. We offer various insurance covers, with the all-risk cover the best. It covers your cargo against loss resulting from any external cause.

Expedited Services

We offer expedited services to clients who need to get their filming equipment to a shoot in a limited time frame. All our services are very reliable and always budget-friendly.

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